Best Web Hosting Services for 2024

The new year is around the corner, and if you want to kick off a side hustle in the coming year, you might need to build a website. To do that, you’ll need the best web hosting service provider. Web hosting service providers house your website on one or more servers in data centers worldwide. Think of servers like apartment buildings: Depending on what kind of hosting plan you select your site can live in a shared space in the building, its own private area or it can live in the entire building. 

Comparing web hosting services and plans can be confusing, and that can make choosing the right hosting service for you more difficult. Pricing can be especially puzzling, due to introductory rates and monthly versus annual pricing. We looked over the data for 22 popular web hosting services to make things a little easier on you. You can read more about our criteria for the best web hosting services, including how we assess security and customer support, and you can check out important web hosting terms to know.

Web host comparison


Best for…Monthly shared plan pricingSecurity featuresUptime guaranteeCustomer support
IonosSecurity features$1Great99.9%Great
GreenGeeksClean-energy web hosting$3Good99.9%Good
A2 HostingCustomer service$2Great99.9%Great
InMotion HostingFirst-time website owners$2.29Great99.99%Great
HostGatorData-heavy sites$3.75Good99.9%Great
AccuWeb HostingGlobal customers$3.49Good99.99%Good


  • Extensive security features, including backups
  • Unlimited traffic, so no need to scale up plans to handle additional traffic
  • 99.99% uptime guarantee


  • Website builder costs extra
  • Plan prices increase, sometimes by huge margins, over time

Hosting plans

Ionos offers shared, VPS, dedicated and managed and unmanaged WordPress hosting. The company also differentiates between hosting plans meant for smaller and larger organizations to help customers better understand what plan is best for them.

Security features

Ionos offers security features that go beyond what other web hosting services offer. All plans include SSL certificates, malware scans and DDoS protections. Some plans also help repair damage malware might cause on your website. Backups at least once every 24 hours are also standard with each plan, and each backup is held for 20 days. A full set of a customer’s data is also stored in two separate data centers as a security measure. That way customers always have access to their data, even if one data center is brought down by a cyberattack.


Ionos has a 99.99% uptime guarantee, which is a higher guarantee than most other web hosting services. Battery-operated power supplies and backup generators help maintain power to Ionos data centers so your site and services stay online even if its data center loses power.

Customer support

Support is available any time, either by phone or chat. A directory also provides customer support numbers for customers in 14 different countries. Ionos also offers a personal consultant who will be your main point of contact if you need help with your site. A personal consultant and phone numbers for different support centers around the world give Ionos customers more ways to get help compared to some other hosting providers.

Other features

Ionos offers a status page to alert customers when services go down or are being repaired. The page also logs the times when services go down and are brought back up, and it lets customers know of any scheduled maintenance. 


Ionos’ prices start lower than most other web hosting services for similar services. Prices rise — shared and WordPress hosting rise by over 1,000% — after a certain amount of time. That means Ionos is a good entry point for web hosting, but it may not be the best long-term home for your website if cost is your primary concern.

  • Shared hosting starts at $1 a month for 6 months and rises to $12 a month afterward.
  • VPS hosting starts at $2 a month.
  • Dedicated server hosting starts at $32 a month.
  • WordPress hosting starts at $1 a month for 12 months and rises to $8 a month afterward.

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