Grab a Smartravel E-Bike and Save Hundreds With Our Exclusive Code


Picking up an e-bike is a great way to get a little exercise and fresh air while avoiding traffic and soaking up some sun. But the best electric bikes don’t come cheap. Fortunately, Wellbots is currently offering a massive deal on one of Smartravel’s best-selling models. 

The ST201F is a gorgeous bike with a ton of desirable features. At its core, this bike has an impressive 1200-watt brushless motor that delivers 80 Newton metres of torque. This makes it great for both cruising the city streets and tackling steep inclines. And right now, you have get your hands on one for $1,299. The model originally retails for $1,899 but it’s on sale for $1,549. And with our exclusive code, BIKE250, you’ll save even more, bringing your total to just $1,299.

With the ST201F, you’ll have the power to dominate any terrain. It has the ability to cover over 30 miles on battery power alone, and if you help out with a bit of pedalling you can extend that to 50 miles. The fat tires help achieve solid traction on a variety of surface types and built-in suspension ensures a smooth ride.

To make sure you’ll be safe on the road, the ST201F is equipped with an advanced 12-channel controlling battery management system for a stable experience as well as rapid power. It also has a dual hydraulic pressure disc brake system for dependable braking performance, even in wet conditions or if you’re moving at high-speed. And the bike is backed by an 18-month warranty should anything go awry.

Now, while the Smartravel ST201F is a fantastic bike, it might not be for everyone. If you’re looking for more options then check out these other deals on e-bikes.

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